Audit, Notify, Roll back and Migrate your CC objects across regions?

CMS (configuration management solutions)

CMS (configuration management solutions) utility is a tailored Genesys contact center Configuration manager interface which gives the ease of accessibility to any functional/management entity. Starting from enhancing the overall performance of your business via graphical user interface and stay competitive in this ever-changing marketplace, CMS focuses widely on Dynamic Configuration Change Management and audit process which save man hours, can be used to compare configuration between different regions (for example, development and staging) to identify discrepancies swiftly and finally to conclude this facilitates over agent without login IDs, places without DNs, fetches the last login date for each agent, has the ability to disable inactive agents, as well provides detailed license usage report.

Key Features

  • Provides a detailed report about the changes like, who made the changes, what the change was and were made
  • Remote agent logout
  • Ability to migrate the objects from one environment to other
  • Provides alert notifications for the changes
  • Provides various search criterions and export functionalities for the reports
  • Restores all the changes based on date and time
  • Ability to take snapshots of the group of agents along with their skills
  • Restores the snapshot manually

Key Benefits

  • Performs automatic, scheduled configuration server management that enhances your organization productivity
  • Protects against unauthorized & duplicate configuration server parameter modifications that end with cost reduction
  • Better quality of service with faster restoration capability

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