Pre-built integration for major enterprise applications

Improve Customer Experience and handle calls with the Professional, user-friendly and customizable pre-built softphone.
According to the researches and analytics, Contact Centre Customers are proven to save ample amount of time if the caller’s data is displayed along with the call.

This not only enhances caller’s experience since they do not need to repeat the data entered on voice response unit (VRU) / Interactive Voice Response (IVR), but also inclusively assists contact centre agents to focus on managing the customer expectation for the call.
Contact Centre Agent Interaction Desktop is a pre-built intuitive and customizable softphone that has the standard IP-Phone features and it is ready to deploy.

Prime Benefits of AID

    • Improvises contact centre agent’s productivity along with customer experience.
    • Positive feedback statics from customer.
    • User friendly toolbar with minimum training requirements for the agent that help save time and money.
    • Pop-up notification service of customer’s data on the screen helps to enrich customer service.
    • Customer Experience and consistency elevated to higher and better level throughout all the channels.

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