What is an IVR ?

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an arrangement of robotized consider streams that allows clients to choose what they need from a menu of choices, gathers any required data from them, and afterward routed their calls to the proper terminus.

IVR Call Flow

Interactive voice response is an innovation that permits people to connect with a PC based telephone framework using voice and DTMF tones input by means of a keypad.

Inbound and Outbound

The two essential sorts of IVR administrations are inbound and outbound. An inbound call center is a client care function whose essential obligation is to handle incoming client calls. Paradoxically, outbound call centers dial the calls to clients. The client contact information are handled by the contact centers from various channels, not simply calls.

Innovation Used in IVR System

  • Anyone can address how a telephone can be associated with the PC framework. What’s more, the appropriate response is – utilizing DTMF. Utilizing the tone of each key on a phone keypad, the telephones are associated with a PC framework. These are known as Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) signals.
  • There is another approach to impart which is only utilizing “Speech Recognition”. Here, the caller gives an information to the IVR framework utilizing his/her voice with the goal that IVR can decode the information effectively and give exact data.
  • IVR framework gives a suitable voice response to the caller’s DTMF input that is called as Audio Response Unit (ARU). It is a gadget which gives data to the caller dependent on the information got from the caller and the data got from the data set.
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is an innovation which disperses customer calls, in the request they show up, to the following accessible suitable specialist called an agent.
  • The structure followed in IVR application is called as a call flow diagram, which is like the folders and files tree structure in the Windows frame work.
  • Text To Speech (TTS) is a framework which changes over typical language text into a speech. TTS is a PC generator speech which speaks data like news, email, and so forth.

Contact Center IVR Testing Tools

Nowadays, there are various associations which are using the IVR Contact Center structure to help their customers the entire day. This assistance can be of any kind, even from a singular little trade like account balance, Funds Transfer, to deal with any bill installments, etc.

Testing an IVR application is a monotonous occupation as it requires significant data on the application and requires a point by direct head toward complete the process of testing for all the IVR call streams. Despite the fact that there are various tools that are open on the lookout for IVR application testing, however our testing tool STAMP thusly will facilitate the work of an analyzer.

System Test and Monitoring Platform, gives IT and business clients the capacity to automate start to finish testing, guaranteeing that all frameworks work solidly together for the ideal customer and specialist experience.

What is BPO all about?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the act of getting a particular work process or processes to an external service provider. The administrations can incorporate finance, accounting, telemarketing, information recording, online media advertising, customer support, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Call Center Vs Contact Center

Regardless of anything else, the fundamental distinction between call center and contact center is in the name. A call center allows customers to call, while a contact center keeps you in contact through any customer administration channel.

Contact Center Software

Contact center software is an innovation tool that expands the adequacy and productivity of a contact center, with explicit spotlight on encouraging connections among customers and the agents of the contact center. With the restricted functionality the contact center software primarily routing the inbound contact of the phone.

Call Transfer Vs Call Forwarding

Call Transfer: Transfers an incoming call to an outsider after the call is replied.

Call Forward/divert/redirect:: Redirects an incoming call before the call is replied. The call is generally redirected to another terminal of yours, for instance, your cell phone or fixed-line telephone.

Call Routing: Call routing is nothing but Call Management calls which is incorporated for business telephone systems where every incoming call is placed in a queue and then it is routed to a specific individual or a group of individuals subject to pre-developed protocols and models. Call routing happens before somebody on the receiving side picks up the call.

How are calls routed in a call center?

It’s a call management technique wherein a call is sent to a specific line in the wake of being qualified by the correspondence structure. Many reasons can make a call be routed to a line: call volume, time of day, language tendency of the caller, or explicit office referenced, among others.


CRM represents Customer Relationship Management. It’s a classification of incorporated, information driven software solutions that improve how you connect and work with your customers. CRM frameworks assist you with overseeing and keep up customer relationships, track prospective customers, marketing, and pipeline, and convey significant information.

Omni Channel

Omni channel is a cross-channel content system that associations use to improve their client experience and drive better relationships with their customers across point of contact. Instead of working in parallel, communication channels and their supporting assets are planned and arranged to collaborate.

Sales Vs Marketing

In many businesses, marketing and sales are altogether different. Sales is the point at which you’re vis-à-vis with a customer, convincing an individual to buy your product. Marketing is the collection of choices you make about the market that prompts effective sales. Marketing is the masterminding part of sales.

Sales Vs Telemarketing

Inside sales isn’t telemarketing, and telemarketing isn’t inside sales. Telemarketing utilizes a scripted, single-call close, generally offering a little ticket, Business-to-Consumer (B2C) product. Telemarketers are notorious for making their clueless casualties state “no” multiple occasions prior to allowing them to hang up.

OSC- Oracle Service Cloud

The Oracle Service Cloud is a finished set-up of tools used for configuring, managing and integrating customer experience applications on Oracle Service Cloud (OSC). Delivered is a pre-constructed, fully validated integration between the Organization and Contact objects of the two clouds.
Oracle Service Cloud joins Web, Social and Contact Center experiences for a unified, cross-channel customer service solution in the Cloud.

What is Softphone?

A Softphone is a software program used for making phone calls over the Internet utilizing a computer as opposed to committed equipment.

How does a Softphone work?

A Softphone utilizes software to emulate the usefulness of a desk phone on your screen. The innovation behind the software is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) – which is the innovation that allows you to make voice calls over the internet.

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