Automate end-to-end testing

Contact Centres are consistently putting efforts to enhance timely responses and positive-most influential interaction with the customers in order to improvise customer satisfaction, retention and revenue. Contact Centre Solution Systems must add Interactive Voice Response systems which should function accordingly and go well with the different technical components in a multi-channel environment. The prime quality operational testing process gives the customers the best ever experience. Automated Contact Centre is becoming the necessity to thrive in the competitive market

The base of a flourishing testing strategy includes a complete solution that can automate tests, record and report system responses, and alert contact centre teams about problems.

Pointel Solution’s STAMP – System Test and Monitoring Platform enables the contact centres to automate an end-to-end testing solution, ensuring that all systems work connectively together for the maximised customer and contact centre agent experience.

Benefits of Pointel Solution STAMP

    • Quality customer and contact centre experience and automated testing.
    • Better customer satisfaction, review and retention.
    • Saves time with benchmark system performance.
    • DevOps Technology is also supported by Pointel Solution’s STAMP.

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