Integrated voice self-service application provider

Customer satisfaction not only depend on the solutions provided but also but the way system is operated. Voice Self-Service increases the success of the project and customer satisfaction.

Pointel Solutions follows an exclusively and purposeful process to implement this fine-tuned Voice Self-Service. Pointel Solutions has quality experience in implementing Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) over years which helps organizations to improvise the customer experience.

Pointel Solution aims at enhancing overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of Voice Self-Service

    • Our solutions allow customers to operatively move voice traffic by compressing and decompressing the voice signal as per needed.
    • Enriched Customer experience and service.
    • Reduced call abandonment rate.
    • Increased effective functionality and personalized self-service.
    • Superior call prioritizing than ever based on customer value.
    • Minimalized operational cost.

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