Combine genesys cloud and servicenow

The combination of Genesys Cloud and ServiceNow helps an organization drive productivity, increase data quality and improve customer experience. Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow application brings the ServiceNow and Genesys system information into a unified desktop screen. The customized softphone application appears embedded within the ServiceNow workspace, where agents can interact with customers without switching between screens.

Using Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow, Agent can interact with customers across multiple channels. Tight integration with Genesys cloud enables agents to deliver excellent customer service. The eye-catching SoftPhone display appears once agents login ServiceNow. The SoftPhone UI has the standard IP phone features that allow agents to make their interactions efficiently and effortlessly. Customer information is popped up on the agent ServiceNow page during a call so that the agent can have a clear view of the customer queries and customer information and provide a 100% solution.

Key Benefits of Servicenow Adapter

    • Identify your customers easily and provide greater customer service
    • Integrate Genesys Cloud with ServiceNow to offer Unified desktop with Telephony functionalities which mitigates Average Call Handling Time (AHT).
    • Genesys Adapter for ServiceNow supports Omni-channel interactions.
    • Instant on-screen pop-up of recorded customer data appears during an inbound or outbound call.
    • Click-to-dial from ServiceNow CRM Page.
    • Automatically logs the call updates into the ServiceNow Incident report.
    • Multiple interactions can be handled simultaneously in a single view.
    • Track agent performance statistics report.
    • All interaction controls that a softphone has.

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