Get Actionable Customer Experience Insights

Get end-to-end implementable customer experience insight with Pointel Solution’s CXi. Contact Centre Customer expects persistent and customizable experience in self-service experience through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). In most cases, Contact Centres are facing frequent challenges that include call disconnection, higher call dropout rates, poor call containment, IVR outage, IVR breakpoint and higher transfer rates. It is crutial for contact centres to have a brighter understanding of customer experience in IVR journey to deliver the best ever services.

Working of Interactive Voice Response needs to be as a considerable impact on key performance indicator and customer statisfaction, the barriers faced by IVR should be fixed quickly. IVR analytics give factual road-maps by changing over information collection in contact centre for decision making in self-service options, call spikes handling, agent transfer, call flow optimization, and more. Analytics also prove significantly important in transforming your IVR into a relevant, versatile, and customized systems.

The result is a faster, reliable Interactive Voice Response System that drives trust in your contact centre. Pointel Solutions Customer Experience Insight (CXI) IVR platform of cleansing data, tracking the journey of customer and studying the customer data to turn it into implementable insights. Integrated and coordinated reporting is the fundamental necessity for a smooth customer experience as it is complicated to know where are the calls forwarded or rejected.

Features of CXi Interface

Pointel Solution’s CXI helps generate a number of reports on customer-IVR interactions, IVR performance, and holding points in the IVR that cause customer to struggle.

    • Strong alliance to create, analyse and publish reports.
    • To create and assemble CXi allows drag and drop feature.
    • Multiple report creation for contact centre services.
    • Graphical illustration of data.
    • User friendly calculations and matrices.
    • Easily usable dashboard.
    • Customised drill-down for integrated levels of data.
    • For the ease to search and select, availability of customised filters.

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