End-to-End IVR Analytics

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Customers expect a consistent and customized experience in self-service support through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). In any case, contact centers are confronting constant challenges, including call disconnects, high dropout rates, poor call containment, IVR downtime, IVR breakpoints and high transfer rates. It is essential that organizations have a decent understanding of customers experience in the IVR journey to deliver top tier service.

As IVR performance impacts your KPI’s [Key Performance Indicator] and Customer satisfaction, the bottleneck in the IVR should be fixed quickly. IVR analytics gives fact-based road-map by changing over data points into business knowledge to make informed decisions on self-service options, call spikes handling, agent transfer, call flow optimization, and more. These analytics also play a significant role in transforming your IVR into a relevant, versatile, and customized systems. The outcome is a steady, reliable Interactive Voice Response System that drives trustworthiness in your business.

Pointel’s Customer Experience Insights (CXi), the IVR analytics platform, tracks the whole customer journey and analyzes the call to turn information into actionable insights. Centralized reporting is fundamental for smooth customer journey, as it is critical to know where calls are forwarded or rejected. Pointel’s CXi generates numerous reports on the customer-IVR interactions, IVR performance, and holding points in the IVR that cause customer to struggle.

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