The best solutions that your contact centre needs

Pointel Solutions offers data warehousing and Contact Center analytics solutions to the customers and help them make better and cost effective decisions on their business during critical situations.

Our domain expertise team uses a number of techniques and skill sets for data collection, analysis and simplification to reveal data patterns and key variables, leading decision-making directions with new insights.

Pointel Solutions are prime handlers of some of the reporting tools like Qlik, Business Objects, Alterys, Microsoft BI, Informatica and Tableau.

Benefits of Contact Center Analytics

Few of the key benefits of Genesys Contact Center Analytics Solutions are

  • Business-driven methodology & project management.
  • Optimum performance with the best overseeing contact centre solutions.
  • Clear vision and pre-planning.
  • Step-by-step approach to mitigate risks and visualise continuous progress.
  • Tools and techniques to analyse, evaluate and aggregate data rapidly and efficiently.
  • Enhance customer service and experience to next level.
  • Contact centric strategies and project management solutions.
  • Contact center analytics improvises productivity, efficiency and cost efficient.
  • Pointel Solutions have an average of ten years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.
  • Standards-based implementation for optimal performance.

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