Better alignment towards customer needs

CRM systems can be customized as per business needs

Pointel has quite a long while of experience in deploying CRM Solutions to boost customer profitability and lifetime value. Pointel specializes in products like Oracle, Clarify, SAP Suites and Salesforce. Pointel has successfully deployed CRM Solutions for some ventures including Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom organizations, Banks, Financial Institutions and Pharmaceuticals. The Customer Relationship Management Solution Software enhances the productivity in dealing with the customer confronting business measures from end to end. Pointel’s one of a kind approach ensures 100% achievement. The main objective is to limit the expense of tasks and amplify the customer experience.

Organizations of all sizes can profit by a Customer Relationship Management Solution. As customers are the most esteemed resources of any business, the deployment of CRM Software at the working environment would exceptionally improve business processing and maximize the level of customer satisfaction extraordinarily, consequently expanding efficiency and income.

Benefits of Pointel CRM Solution

    • Higher overall efficiency.
    • Better arrangement towards client needs.
    • Higher sales profitability.
    • Reduces costs with better promoting opportunities.
    • Improved Client loyalty with higher client retention and lower procurement rates.
    • Added cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.
    • Client driven cycles to expand client lifetime worth and average income per client.
    • Better client profiling and focusing.

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