Ease of Deployment

Know about your customer with the best Survey Solution

The real challenge in today’s business environment is attracting new customers while enhancing the loyalty of existing customers. The most extreme possible positive results are expected at the contact centers. How would you review that? It’s very easy when you use Pointel’s Survey Solutions. With Pointel’s Survey Solutions, you can generate and conduct surveys to acquire customer feedback and gather customers experience information. The outcome is truthful, that you can examine rapidly and influence to acquire and hold your most valuable customers with in-depth information on customer expectations and contact center operations.

Benefits of Pointel’s Survey Solutions

    • Real-time reporting and operational insights.
    • Easy and quick customizable pre-built survey templates.
    • Increases Customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention.
    • Improves service quality with valuable customers feedback
    • Enhances Agent Engagement and productivity.
    • Cost effective with low cost maintenance and support.
    • Integrates with Genesys and Salesforce.

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