Empowered to handle consistent customer service through all media channels

Agent Interaction Desktop (AID)

Outstrip your customer expectations through our unified enterprise customer interaction management application “Agent Interaction Desktop (AID)” that provides seamless interactions with the customer through various media channels like voice, chat, email and social media. You can easily configure and manage the CRM that enhances your agent productivity, customer satisfactions. Our highly visual graphical user interface design simplifies customization and maintains your customer interactions.

Key Features

Multiple Channels support

The AID supports Voice, Email, Chat and Social media interactions to provide enhanced customer experience.

CRM integration

AID integrates with 3rd party CRM to offer Unified Agent Desktop Interface with Telephony functionalities which mitigate Average Call Handling Time (AHT) primarily.

Call Handling Capabilities

Maximize Agent productivity with customizable options such as Auto Ready, Auto Answer, mandatory Disposition and After Call Work.

Pop-up Notifications

Display’s caller information on the Agent Desktop Screen during Customer interactions, so you get noticed about the call privileges.

Active Directory

The Active Directory is an essential feature for an Agent desktop application that uses DNS to access the login credentials of the users from Windows-based user accounts and can auto login Agent with one click.


Easy Accessibility and requires less training to an agent. Various access level configuration hierarchies to users based on application, agent group and agent role.

Team Communicator

AID in tandem with Team Communicator tool enables you to find an internal target, such as the team members, routing point, agent group, skill, or interaction queue. Search filters options are available to quickly find the internal targets or a contact to perform actions like make a call, call transferring, conference call making and messaging.


The Workbins are temporary buffers where you can store email messages that are to be handled later.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance agent productivity with greater customer experience
  • Easy Accessibility hence requires less training to agent that saves time and money
  • Customer information pop up notifications on agent desktop screen to provide enriched customer service
  • Extensive customer experience by providing consistent customer service through all channels

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