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User friendly, web-based application “Pointel Survey”

Recognizing your customer satisfaction is the key factor to success in any type of business. The best way to understand your customers is to conduct a survey. We offer a user friendly, web-based application “Pointel Survey” that enables you to develop, distribute, collect and analyze survey responses. Through this Analysis, you can evaluate the net promoter score (NPS) and consumer behavior captured with highly valuable information towards organization growth. Pointel survey application helps businesses to gain the competitive edge through customer experience surveys and increased product quality. You can develop the survey for various media channels such as Voice, Email and SMS.

Key Features

Customized survey options

Pointel survey is ease of use that allows you to customize unlimited questionnaires and responses in your survey. You can preview the survey and drag and drop and number based ordering options are available to re-arrange the survey questions

Reporting and Analysis

The survey results are represented in the graphical formats that make you track how customers respond to your survey in real time. You can filter the survey responses based on different search criteria, and analyze the survey results. Our tool lets you export your reports to Excel and PDF formats

Multichannel capability

Pointel survey supports multichannel. Surveys that capture customer responses through various channels like Voice, E-mail and SMS. Surveyor can give voice/DTMF inputs to voice based surveys

Survey Cloning

Surveyor can create a copy of the existing survey by modifying the survey name. You can edit the copied survey without affecting the initial survey that makes your survey configuration in seconds instead of hours

TTS for Voice based Survey

Surveyors can apply prerecorded audio prompts as an input to the survey. Pointel survey provides you an advanced feature ``text to speech (TTS)`` for mapping text type prompts to the surveys

Key Benefits

  • Measures the overall organization productivity based on the customer responses
  • Achieve breakthrough in productivity, bottom line and competitiveness
  • Fast, Accessible and ease of use
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction
  • Highly cost effective providing very strong ROI
  • Reports on survey provide information and insights you need

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