Ultra Modernize your Contact Center

Create your world-class customer experience platform

Pointel understands the value of customer journey in a typical customer service vibes and provides a momentous and structured view of how your contact center functions – What it does and what it can do to brand your logo. More than consulting, Pointel engage with customer as a strategic partner to help organizations by assessing their people, process and technology.

Pointel will make lawful business cases to yield greater business efficiencies and save cost. We work with customer to assess business context and tailor their needs viz staged ROI – based agreement.

The ``know-how`` factor

Ability to fully leverage your customer experience Platform

Pointel contact center consulting services will join forces with customers to determine the business context based on the industry verticals. Our rapid approach to due-diligence, deliverables and recommendations are given to the customer in a matter of weeks.

The “know-how” factor is addressed and knowledge is shared by our certified consultants.

Let us improve your business!